For an accurate assessment of AES coverage for a location, please call 502-589-4534 and give us the physical address.

You may also email the location to


  • AES-Intellinet radios can transmit full data from the alarm panel.
  • The initial cost of an AES-Intellinet radio is higher than a cellular backup solution.  However, there is no additional monthly charge for sending the signal to the Central Station  With cellular backup units, there is a monthly charge in addition to the monitoring fee.
  • AES-Intellinet is a mesh-radio network.  It does not depend on phone lines or cell towers.  Signals sent by AES come directly to the Central Station instead of routing through a third party.
  • AES-Intellinet Fire radios are NFPA compliant.
  • If you already have your own AES-Intellinet IP-Link radios and frequency, we can add your network to our receivers.